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90s Baby

Posted by Jess Carr on 8th Jun 2016

90s is my favourite era! From the music to the fashion to the films, the IT girls, the supermodels and the actors and heart throbs . I love everything about it. 90s fashion makes a come back with every season taking notes from our favourite style icons whether they are male or female with androgynous dressing coming to a rise in the 90s and also the ultimate in lazy dressing . Think oversized, washed out denim and leather, cami dresses and tees for summer 16'

We're gonna throw it back to some our favourite icons that were still loving today...

                                                                   Kate Moss 

No 90s list would be complete without mention of super model and member of the super 6, Kate Moss. She ushered in the era of heroin-chic which heralded super slim figures and androgynous style.

                                        Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore took elements from boho-babe and flower-child looks and mixed them with grungey staples like denim and leather to make a look that we’ve been trying to recreate ever since the 90s.

                                                                                        Rachel Green  

We grew up with Friends and Rachel Green quickly became one of out favourite fashion icons! With her quirky sexy style on our screen almost all the time she showed us all how to dress cute but also sexy at the same time something we still love to do today! The 'Rachel' was the most requested hair style of 90s. She had a big impact.

                                                     Winona Ryder 

Ultimate IT girl and mega babe Winona Ryder always has us pouring over her perfect 90s style. As if that wasn’t enough reason to love this girl, she had Johnny Depp as her boyfriend for years…

                                                                           Spice Girls  

Talk about some seriously sassy outfits. The Spice Girls taught us that it was okay to wear platform shoes, pigtail buns and leopard print everything. But most importantly they taught us about girl power…go us!


J'Adore You x