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Freshers - The low down.

Posted by Mica on 15th Sep 2017

Firstly, congratulations girl! You got into University - the world is finally at your feet!

Like most people, you are probably feeling a bit worried. Excited, but worried - and that's Ok

Freshers week can be the scariest part of Uni. Meeting new people, the new independence, your new room mates, and the ready meals (ugh, the ready meals!)

However, if you play your cards right, Fresher's week can also be the best part of your University experience.

We love to help a gal out, so here are a few tips ❤


As you are probably aware, student life makes money tight, so you want all of the support you can get. Be sure to get yourself a bank account tailored for students. Many allow you to obtain an overdraft, so if worst comes to worst, you have a safety net.


Make the most of your new status as a university student - you only get it once! Loads of companies give students exclusive deals. Once you get your student card, we suggest signing up to UniDays - there you can see all of the exclusive offers available to you, from food to tech, to clothes.


The day before Freshers week starts, be sure to follow all of your Unis social media accounts. That way, you can be in the know about the latest events and upcoming parties that interest you. Being part of the social scene is a great way to meet like minded people and future bffs!


On move in day make sure you have enough food and toiletries to last at least two weeks. If the worst comes to worst and your student loan is delayed you'll have yourself covered! Also, food is life, so more is better.


Make your room your own! Put photos up, maybe even some cute fairly lights. Freshers week and the whole University experience, as fun as it is, can be very exhausting. It is really important that you have a your own personal space to unwind, destress (and online shop) in!


When move in day comes, take something to offer to your potential flat mates and new friends. A beer, a cupcake - anything. It makes for a fab conversation starter and sets an open, friendly first impression.


When you are packing your stuff away keep your door open and don't be afraid to say hello to other people moving in. Throw yourself out there, remember they are in the same position as you!


Slay. You got this.