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Posted by Mica on 28th Dec 2017

Not only can cooking your own food give you health and nutrition, but cooking is also widely thought to have therapeutic benefits. 

Whatever your goal may be, to get that Kim K butt, to loose those love handles or maybe you just want to challenge yourself physically or mentally, 2018 may be the year to get that work out gear on and become the best version of you!

Girl, we all have heavy baggage. But how can you move on freely if you can't drop the bags and leave them on the sidewalk? Forgive yourself, drop the the bags.

Bored of the same old? Want to challenge yourself? Why not get a new hobby. Ok, i know, this one is really cliche...BUT... there's a reason for that. Not only can gaining a new hobby give you a break from the digital world we live in, but is also a great way to meet new BFFS with the same interests. What have you got to loose?

Do more good deeds. Tell a stranger you are diggin' her outfit, or a guy he has great eyes! Each good deed makes the world a better place. If you're feeling down and are finding it hard to pick yourself up, pick someone else up, you'll be surprised on how fulfilled you may feel after!

The. Hardest. Thing. EVER. but, it's not impossible. Maybe set up a savings account, or try different brands at the supermarket - when it comes to saving every little helps... you might just surprise yourself at the end of the year!

Baby girl... he isn't worth your time, and he definitely isn't worth your 2018. Tell him bye and breathe in that fresh air! You'll feel like a new woman.

The amount of things water can help with is just unbelievable. I can't list them because I would be here all day. It's lik, stressed? Drink water, skin hella disrespecting ya'? Drink water. Feeling sick? Drink water. Someone break your egg yolk? Drink water. 

You deserve to have you time. We live in such a busy world, it's easy to loose track. Dedicate some time to yourself by turning your electronics off, getting some chocolate and losing yourself in a good book. Stuck on what to read? Go into your local book store and talk to a member of staff. Start by telling them what type of films or tv  you like, they can often make great suggestions!

Take a deep breath and let your feelings be known... who knows, it may result in romance being on the cards in 2018!