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Posted by Mica on 19th Dec 2017

For better of for worst, 2017 has been a helluva year. We can't leave 2017 without reminiscing... so here are our top ten fave moments! 

The most extra pregnancy announcement ever, but also the best. She looks SO good in this picture!

Had to be the worst timed advert ever. 

We LOVE the Royals, and are SO excited about this news! I mean, look how cute they are!

''If you love something let it go'' and all that...

After a tragic bombing claimed 22 victim's lives at her Manchester concert, Ariana refused to let fear win. She held a charity concert, inviting the world to stand with her in a demonstration of peace strength and love.

We FINALLY got the female hero every queen deserves, and she SLAYED

I mean it's funny when someone falls right? (Aslong as it's not yourself)

Netflix dropped the hella contraversial '13 Reasons Why' which invites it's viewers to delve into the life and death of protagonist Hannah Baker. Did you watch it?

I mean it's not even official and it's already taking over the internet!

So wrong but so funny at the same time

Did we miss anything, are these in the complete wrong order?

Let us know! Won't be offended - promise :)